The end of time

You exist within time because you believe in this earthly reality.
Time is an attempt to compress eternity into a series of logical steps.
It is temporary, it can’t stay like that.
When you sleep you step out of time into a world that is not physical.
You can’t measure time in your dreams because there is no such thing.
Your mind tries to put your dreams into sequential steps but it is never that simple.
Time is where you live your life, your essence is timeless, it is somewhere else.
Time is where you are trapped because you do not believe that life is possible outside of it.
There is no time within the one mind that you arose from.
The one mind is eternal, it is all events, all past and all future.
The one mind is incalculably and extraordinarily immense.
The heart of your existence is within this infinite and unlimited oneness.
You forgot.
Things of this world keep you grounded, keep you locked down into your narrow view point, they keep you within time.
Constantly rushing, noisy environments, inane pastimes all keep you locked within time.
All beliefs in this reality keep your own truth out of reach.
Peace, harmony and silence help you remember.
At the end of time you will find these things, for this is your natural state.
You do not have to wait until you die to find them or to know your own truth.
Ask your own heart about it, it’s waiting for you at the end of time.