Old doors

One mind is your natural and original state.
In this state you have absolute freedom.
You can live how and wherever you desire.
Existence is a choice, your choice.
You chose to be in this earthly reality, nobody and nothing else put you here.
Your thoughts choose your existence.
When and how you arrived here, who knows?
Who remembers?
Your own heart does.
You can always seek to know if you are interested but it may be more useful to focus on escaping this restricted, earthly cycle that you are trapped within.
There are no limits to what you can be, do or seek.
The only problem at the moment is that you became so immersed in the physical reality that you forgot your own truth.
You forgot your own story.
Nobody forced you to forget but you chose distractions that immersed you more and more, until the memory of your origins was lost in some long, long forgotten past.
You are trapped in this earthly reality.
You have been for countless numbers of years.
It’s not so much fun any more.
It’s repetitive, it’s mind numbing.
Your mind is like a clock, ticking away making the same mistakes day after day, year after year, life after life.
You are a machine locked into the rigid, repetitive belief system of your mind.
Even when you die there is no escape, for your mind believes so strongly in the legitimacy of this world that you dare not think of an existence outside of it.
Hence you are immediately cast back into much the same situation that you just left moments before when you died.
You are a prisoner because of your own beliefs.
You fear death, you fear change, you fear the unknown.
All of these attitudes work to lock you solidly into this reality.
You are free but you don’t and won’t believe it.
Your essence is absolute freedom but you refuse to even consider it.
You are part of one mind, there are no limits to what you can do or understand.
You have decided to live as if there are severe restrictions upon you.
Now you can’t remember how to escape.
Think about it often and old doors will start to open.
They were never locked, but they were forgotten.