Perhaps I’ve got it so wrong that I don’t even know what back to front is.
Maybe the whole show has been hijacked by human greed.
Maybe the controllers can’t get it back?
Absolute freedom is what it’s all about but egotistical humanity has killed the memory of it so that elitist groups can dominate.
Perhaps its all manipulated by humans.
All of the stories about monsters, masters, religions, ufos and purpose are intentionally misleading and distracting, so that the few in power can remain in power.
It suits them to have controversial distractions.
It works to their benefit to have dissension and disagreement.
It keeps the masses diverted from their true status and the truth hidden beneath a tangle of confusions and contradictions.
Perhaps the truth is simple.
This is a wonderful creation, hijacked by some of the created.
The robots have taken over the robot factory.
A very few learned the true situation eons ago and hid it to their advantage.
Then they enslaved the ignorant masses.
The ignorant masses will remain so for as long as they forget their own truth.
You are the essence of absolute freedom existing within the one mind.