Little spaceship

Your little flat world is like a spaceship, your haven within the infinite and eternal.
With this spaceship, you wander the world of your own mind.
You visit all of the places that you believe exist.
You experience all of the situations that you believe are in your world.
You are free to wander your own little flat world.
What you see is always an illusion, always a reflection of your own mind.
Nothing is solidly real, as you have been taught.
Your mind accumulated all of your thoughts and turned them into the reality that you experience.
Your reality is created from your mind.
There is no big world that you thought you were born into.
There is no big world or vast universe or other planets.
You only see your world, if that contains a big world and a vast universe, then it is of your making.
You created everything in your reality, without exception.
If you don’t believe in it, it can’t exist.
If you do believe in it, it will become a reality for you.
Every person sees their own world, not the whole world.
There is no whole world.
The world your spaceship visits, is always within the confines of your mind, within the confines of your belief system.
You cannot go outside of that.
There is no more than what you believe.
You have the ability to believe and create anything and any situation you can think of.
It is always your choice.
You are god, the creator of your own little flat world.
You have the absolute freedom to make it any way that you desire.
Wake up and take advantage of it.
Let go of your past and live the freedom that is naturally yours.