He disappeared

There was a man who couldn’t fly.
He had been trying for most of his life, to get off the ground and float away.
He was frustrated.
Life was getting heavier as he got older.
He thought about it more and more as the years went by.
‘What is the problem?’ He asked himself.
‘Why can’t I fly?’
No one else could fly, but he had a feeling that it was not that difficult.
He was like everybody around him, except he kept questioning his predicament.
Everybody else was happy to accept their heaviness.
They claimed it was natural and that there was nothing you can do about it.
Some even laughed at his desire to fly.
One day, he was sitting in the market place, watching the world pass by.
Suddenly, he noticed that every person was carrying a heavy burden of old rags and putrid rubbish on their shoulders.
‘I haven’t noticed that before,’ he observed.
He felt his own shoulders and noted the same thing.
A heavy burden of old rags and rubbish, how repulsive!
‘What is this thing?’
From the depths of despair, he heard the soft voice of intuition whisper.
‘It is your past.
You won’t let it go.
It is not your friend.
It is unnecessary to cling to the past.
You have the fulness of now to play within.
Let your past go!’
He stood up and started tearing the burden from his shoulders.
As the load lessened, so did the affect of gravity.
He rose in the air, higher and higher.
He kept discarding his past.
Discarding every detail that crossed his mind.
Eventually, he disappeared from view, into the vast somewhere.
Nobody took any notice.
Your past is loaded with rules and regulations.
You do not need them, they are not true.