What is balance?
Why are some situations just right?
What does an artist experience to create that balanced work?
What is it that designers and dancers and singers and craftsmen seek?
Everybody looks for it in their lives, daily!
Some situations don’t feel right or don’t seem right or just don’t smell right.
What is it that is uncomfortable about them?
The right timing, synchronicity, good luck, all of these things are a correct balance, but of what?
Is it the gap between the thorns, the break in the storm clouds, the oasis in the desert, the lightning on a dark night we are looking at?
Is it silence amidst the mayhem, some kindness amongst the madness?
Is it honesty amongst thieves and trust between lovers?
Is it the simplicity and power of truth blossoming in a sterile field of barren hearts?
It is all of these things and more?
Balance is a hint of the one mind, a snippet of humanity unified, a reminder of the heart of all living things, it is a wink, a blink from the eye of absolute freedom.
Balance is a sigh of relief and a feeling that all is well.
Where there is balance, there is no conflict.
Where there is ego, there is conflict.
Listen for and trust your own infinite heart, it is exquisitely balanced.