Reality is built upon layers of assumptions.
Every layer is assumed by the confused masses, to be true.
This, then provides the foundation for the next layer.
Every lie you believe, becomes another trusted layer.
Science baffles you with magic formulas and mythical intelligence.
The government confuses you with fake promises and social pretence.
The media straight out tells you lies and fake news to keep you distracted .
These are all layers of assumptions.
You assume that they are true.
The world that you believe in is a mental idea.
It is not real.
You are wasting your time lamenting the loss of nature and the plundering of the world.
It is a fabrication.
You are the world.
There can be no loss to your nature and there is no way that your essence can be plundered.
Unless of course, you decide to surrender to the myths and fantasies that this world is buried under.
Travel the world and enjoy its wonders and delights, but don’t be fooled by appearances.
You are the centre of the world, you are the creator and divine hand of your universe.
Observe, but don’t get involved in the seemingly endless levels of discoveries.
They are all assumptions based upon assumptions.
What you look for, you will find.
Don’t look out into the world, look within your heart.
Look for the opportunity to deny negativity in your mind.
Look for the opportunity to suppress ego in your actions.
But above all, look for absolute freedom in your future.
This is what you are and it cannot be taken away.
Keep your mind on remembering your own truth and let the rest of the players, do what they think is best.
Beware of getting lost in layers of assumptions.
Remind your mind that it is simple, you are god of the little flat world before you.
That is not an assumption.